How to select the perfect Scanfrost Air Conditioner for your home

No matter where you live, it’s important to be prepared for the hottest days of the year with a dependable air conditioner. Whether you’re replacing an old split unit or installing through-the-wall air conditioners in your new home, we can help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

About one-quarter of Nigerian families have a window air conditioner or in-room air conditioner, and the numbers are increasing rapidly. Why? Because these appliances are great solutions to the heat and humidity of extremely hot-sunny weather.

Our guide will help you to choose the best Scanfrost air conditioner suited for your home or office.

Choose your type of  Air Conditioners



A split air conditioner comprises of two working parts: the fan and evaporator, which is wall-mounted inside the building, and a compressor unit, which is set outside the building either on the ground or hung on the wall.

To put it plainly, a split system air conditioner works by separating hot air and dampness from the air inside the building and removing them through the compressor into the air outside the building.

Refrigerants inside the compressor then cool air from outside and pass them into the indoor unit through copper pipes, where the fan blows the chilled air around the room.

The advantages of split air conditioners include:

  • Low Noise Airflow
  • Easy Clean Panel
  • Cost-effective to install.
  • Air purification.
  • Deliver warm or cool air only in the spaces where it’s needed and when it’s needed.


Tower air conditioners are self- contained, free-standing units. They are intended for homes in which window configurations or building regulations prevent installation of window units. The portable air conditioners in our tests range from 5,000 to 15,500 Btu.

Here are some of the advantages of installing Scanfrost tower air conditioners that will convince you why these are the best home appliances.

  • High cooling capacity
  • Easy installation
  • Low Noise airflow system
  • Independent dehumidification function
  • Energy efficient


Key features to consider when buying a new air conditioner

  • Notice the noise level

Scanfrost air conditioners are so quiet that the only sound you might hear is the fan running. Air conditioners that are noisy disturb light sleepers even when set on low, and are distracting to all when set on high. So make sure the noise level for the air conditioner you are buying is at its lowest level.

  • Watch the Warranty

Some air conditioners have longer warranties. When you’re buying a new unit, check the manufacturer’s website for information and ask the retailer about the warranty for that model and brand.

  • Electricity Requirement

Before buying, be sure your home’s electrical system can handle the appliance’s power needs. If a dedicated or 230-volt circuit is required, you’ll need to have an electrical contractor install this.

  • Independent dehumidification function 

This function helps to  reduce the humidity in the air to create a healthy environment for you and your family

  • Air Direction Control

Adjustable louvers let you manipulate the direction air is blown from the unit. If the unit is going to be placed in a living room, being able to adjust the vent can mean keeping the unit from blowing directly on people who may be sitting in the living area. It also lets you optimize air flow in the space if you will be utilizing a room or ceiling fan.

  • Check Filter Location

Make sure you can easily access the filter for cleaning, something you’ll be doing frequently to keep the unit in tip-top condition.

AC Size and Capacity

The level of cooling an air conditioner is capable of, is measured in British Thermal Units (BTU)
The higher the number the greater the cooling capacity, but bigger isn’t always better. In order to properly cool a room, you have to match the BTU capacity of the air conditioner to the dimensions of the room that needs cooling. An underpowered air conditioner won’t cool a large room properly.

On the other hand, one that has too high of a BTU rating cools the area so quickly that it doesn’t have time to dehumidify the air, which can leave the space feeling cold and clammy.

Usually, a cooling requirement is a very complex process and many factors affect the capacity required e.g. number of windows, the direction of the room, number of people, heat generating equipment inside the room etc.

Note that, 1 Horse Power (1HP) = 2,544.43 BTU’s per hour
The chart below will help you find the right cooling capacity for you room

Area to be cooled (Square Feet)Capacity recommended (BTUs Per Hour)
100 – 1505, 000
150 – 2506, 000
250 – 3007, 000
300 – 3508, 000
350 – 4009, 000
400 – 45010, 000
450 – 50012, 000
500 – 55013, 000
550 – 600 14 , 000 

All Scanfrost Air conditioners come with a 2-year warranty plus 1-year additional warranty on the compressor and we have the best customer service in the industry.

You’ll be happy to note that Scanfrost has the largest customer service network in Nigeria with 33 service centres.

We are also available on the following channels to handle all your queries:

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