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SFC8630B -60cm Hood, A Inox Body, Transparence Glass, Piano Knobs, Alm Filter, Carbon Filter, 400mA?/h (3SPD)

The Scanfrost Chimney Hood Wood Finish CH8630B, This helps to take out contaminated air with the carbonated filter. the main use of the chimney hood is to filter bad odour, contaminated air and keep the environment fresh constantly and the  Scanfrost Chimney Hood INOX BODY Finish CH8630B does a very good job at that.

It is the best product to remove grease and unwanted air especially from a home where cooking seems to be a regular thing or even a big gourmet restaurant to keep the free flow of fresh air covered with INOX finish. chimney hoods with aluminium covers are the most recommended and this product has this function. The aluminum cover is removable and washable to constantly keep it clean so that it can function effortlessly. It has a very functional halogen lamp. This product has INOX full stainless.

The installation and construction of the  Scanfrost Chimney Hood INOX Finish CH8630B comes easy therefore making  it easy to use. the carbon can be controlled with the control push button installed.

The  Scanfrost Chimney Hood Wood Finish CH8630B can be easily cleaned. The halogen lights are to illuminate the cooking area where it is fixed.

This chimney hood gives the kitchen a professional look. The chimney takes away all awkward smells from the kitchen keeping it smelling fresh at all times. This chimney hood serves as an air evacuator

The scanfrost brand has been known for giving customers their money’s worth. Therefore one can be sure to buy this product with no regrets.

The scanfrost brand has also served Nigeria for several years, religious users of this brand can testify to the solidity and originality of this brand.

Scanfrost products are considered safe to use anywhere. Scanfrost products will serve its user with a defined purpose. Scanfrost products always come at affordable prices

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